Mission Statement:

To mutually create wealth and prosperity by getting the most out of what has been provided in nature, to build knowledge and confidence in mine investments through offering specialized services for our clients and to have a formidable level of satisfaction in working with our clients.

Operational Excellence and "Optimining" Detective Work

Operational Detective Work:

  • Full Mine to Mill Analysis, Ideation, Presentation and Reporting
  • Modelling: Production (Cycle Time Analytics, Maintenance, Forecasting)
  • Quantification of abstract concepts into relevant units ($, hrs, tph)
  • Audits/Inspections /Ombudsman Services/ Third Party Analysis

Technology Improvement

Technology Improvement:

  • Evaluation: (Timeline, Risks, Costs, POSSIBILITY!)
  • Strategy: (Experimentation, Verification, Implementation and Expansion)

General Mine- Mill Project Work

General Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Services:

Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies

  • Short and Long Term Development
  • Net Present Value Optimization

Mine/Mill Technical Services

  • Research
  • “Shelved project” Completion/Revival Studies
  • Project Development and Implementation
  • 3rd Party Analysis

Exploration Services

  • Metallurgy/Mineral Processing
  • Geology (Structural and Mineral Characterization)

Financial Evaluation of Deposits, Reserves and Resources

Financial Evaluations and Due Diligence Studies: ‘Kicking the Tires’

  • Mining Method/Design
  • Mine Plan and Strategy
  • Mill Preparedness (mineral processing evaluations and throughput capacity)
  • “Qualified Person” according to Ni 43-101
  • Risk Quantification

Short-Term Contract Work from Our Experienced Profesionals

Whether an employee is going to be on maternal leave or a technical role befitting one of our professionals  becomes available for a short or even long period of time; we can negotiate with our clients to staff their temporary needs. We can draw in-house and/or recommend experts from within our vast referral network.

XRF Services

Level 1 Certification with NRCan Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Certification Body (for the Operation of Portable Handheld XRF Device) according to the standard ISO 20807:2004

XRF Exploration Services:

-Core shack

-Prospecting (work along outcrops, in the trenches, diamond drilling, etc.)

XRF Production Services:

– Stope valuation/reconciliation (Measure @ the Drill Services)

– Geology and Metallurgy Services

– Spot Checks

– Backfill Analysis

Full Mill Services

– Slurry Evaluations (testing programs, on-site analytics)

-Tailings Measurements

– Feed Investigation

– Stockpile Valuation